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Thank you for your interest in Coachemy Academy. Your ONE Commitment for the Year Course takes you on a journey of finding, activating and staying committed to one major theme in your life. Forget your New Years resolutions - get new inspired results this year. Learn More and Enrol for free only $49.


Learn More and Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course!

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49 Replay Video

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Our spirit filled coaching leaders are creating new courses on Life Languages Communication Breakthrough, Living Life with Values, Morning Rituals and more. Stay connected for release dates.

ONE Commitment for the Year Course

Find and stay consistent to the one right word or theme that will get you the results that you really need for the rest of 2021.

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49

About Coachemy Academy and Our Upcoming Programs and Courses

Coachemy Academy Officially Launched 1 January 2019 with the 2019 version of The ONE Commitment for the Year Course (Previously Run under Abundance Coaching since 2014). This has been a significant milestone for us as we first had this dream in 2009 when my wife Nicole and I founded Abundance Coaching. What an achievement - as we inspire you to transform your life, body, work and spirit you are actualising our dream! Thank you. :) What an incredible thing that we get to take this journey together.

We have ambitious goals to launch multiple courses and we temper our goals with our aim to get each course to a level of excellence and flow. We want every course that you take with us to be an engaging and high value experience. With Thought Leading Coaches and Trainers on our team and more that we will be adding - the courses that you will see on Coachemy Academy will - dare we say 'revolutionise your life.' Each of our Course Leaders have over 10,000 hours of Professional Coaching/Training/Mentoring experience.

Each Course Leader has had a revelation of how much they are loved and they are compelled to love others. As faith filled followers of Jesus' all of our course leaders believe in the empowering presence of God working in their life. Our faith comes through in the foundation of our coaching and teaching approach. We believe that with God anything is possible and we coach from an Abundance Mindset. Every course is presented in a way that is accessible for anyone wherever you are on your faith journey. We have committed our lives to transforming others and we have led thousands through our coaching, training and courses already. The ONE Commitment for the Year Course is our first course that we have launched here on Coachemy Academy. When we design our next courses you will experience the same level of flow along with high quality videos and training. In the future you will see eLearning courses on mindset, values, purpose, fitness, health, confidence, business, communication, leadership, rapport and more. 

- Scott Epp


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